The Key to Truly Delicious Olive Oil? Truly Fresh Olives!

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Have you enjoyed the exceptional flavor of a Chilean extra virgin olive oil?  If so, you can thank our truly delicious Chilean olives!  Our sophisticated harvesting methods are designed to capture their best fresh flavor.  What makes our olives so great, you say?  We’re glad you asked!

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Great Parents

A healthy olive tree produces great olives.  The olive groves in Chilean valleys are protected by the Andes Mountains to the East, the Pacific Ocean to the West, the Atacama Desert in the North and Patagonia in the south.  These natural boundaries form a shelter to grow any cultivar under optimal growing conditions.

Fresh Fruit

The fruit is where the oil is!  Chile’s Mediterranean climate allows olives to reach optimum maturity, naturally.  State-of-the-art harvesting methods complete the process from tree to bottle in 24 hours.  This means that olives are pressed at their freshest, for exquisite oil taste.

Low Acidity

Extra virgin olive oils have a maximum acidity of 0.8%, and Chile’s EVOOs are frequently even better.

High Self-Esteem

Our olives feel good about themselves, and with good reason!  Year after year, our Chilean extra virgin olive oils receive recognition and awards from the most prestigious competitions and taste-makers:


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Posted on Aug 06th

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The National Association of Manufacturers of Olives and Olive Oil (ChileOliva) is the Chilean organization that brings together more than 70% of SME companies directly involved in the production of extra virgin olive oil, supplying and manufacturing raw materials, bottling and reselling of this product. In terms of production, ChileOliva partners manage more than 60% of the country's land planted with olive trees for olive oil production and more than 90% of exports to foreign markets.

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