Thank You for Attending Our Boston Bakes Charity Bakeoff!


We’d like to thank all of you for coming out to our Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Charity Bakeoff last Tuesday night! We were happy to host in the beautiful Arts for the Armory in Somerville, and look forward to hearing thoughts about the event from all of you!

The night featured delicious treats from none other than Boston’s best:  No. 9 Park, Isabelle’s Curly Cakes, Sofra Bakery & Cafe, Treats on Washington, and Independent Chef Jon Sargent. The bakers each brought forth one dessert created with Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil to contend for the Grand Prize of a donation in their name to Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Inc., an organization that actively helps fund breast cancer research.

We were truly impressed with the contestants’ creative use of Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil and spectacular presentation for each dish, and were glad we had professionals at hand to decide who was the winner.

Our judges had a hard decision to make, but they certainly know their stuff. Susan Holiday, of Food Service East since 1972, a publication focusing on candid reviews of restaurants and food all across Boston that has been in circulation for 87 years and is called by many the “Bible of the industry”; Bianca Garcia of Confessions of A Chocoholic (who has also hosted one of our Dinner & Tasting Parties!), a blog focusing on desserts and sweet treats in Boston; and Karen Zgoda of Fussy Eater, a food blog focused on delicious sweets and high-end baking in Boston.

Contestant number one was Pastry Chef Jamie Davis of No. 9 Park’s Chile Olive Oil Bavarian Cake with Concord and Spiced Red Grapes.  So delicious, we kept going back for more.

Chef Maura Kilpatrick of Sofra Bakery created a wonderful Tahini Chile Olive Oil Brioche Donuts with Salted Caramel Glaze.

Pastry Chef Beth Miller from Isabelle English’s (yes, that’s Chef Todd English’s daughter!) Curly Cakes prepared delicious Citrus Chile Olive Oil Blood Orange Filled Cupcakes with Spiced Buttercream Frosting.

Owners and Chefs behind Treats on Washington, Dana Briley and Jessica Brown highlighted Chile Olive Oil in their outstanding dessert, Chile Olive Oil Pudding with Black Mission Figs covered in a Citrus Glaze.

And the night’s winner was Chef Jon Sargent, who created a truly Chile Fresh Dessert! Chef Jon presented his Chile Olive Oil Cake with Chilean Orange Mascarpone, Mint & Basil Berries.

He even gave guests an intimate glimpse into his dessert’s fresh ingredients (kudos for using Chilean Oranges!). Smelling the fresh chocolate mint leaves was divine!

And our guests learned how Olive Oil tastings could be just as informative and interesting as a wine tasting.

Guests also had the opportunity to enter a raffle for grand prizes of  Chile EVOO, Chilean Wine, and a custom Chile Olive Oil Apron! All proceeds went to support Boston Bakes in their cause to fund Cancer Research.

Each dessert was spectacular and was able to highlight Chilean EVOO at its sweetest!

Congratulations again to Chef Jon Sargent on his win!

And a big Thank-You to Carol Brownman Sneider, founder of Boston Bakes, who worked diligently on this event and we share with her the success of this event.


Which Chile Fresh Dessert is your favorite?

Chef Jon Sargent has shared his delicious recipe you can find it here.

We’d also love to see any photos you snapped during the event on Twitter and Facebook.

For more photos check out our Pinterest Board.

And make sure to check back here for more tasty news and future events.

Posted on Oct 15th

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