Baking With Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Though it may seem odd to those of us raised on rich buttery baked goods, the lighter tasting flavor of cakes and cookies made with extra virgin olive oil has been enjoyed for centuries. Today, health-conscious cooks are rediscovering the benefits of baking with extra virgin olive oil, and enjoying the results:  lighter, more flavorful food.

Fortunately, baking with extra virgin olive oil is quite simple.

As with most ingredients, the type of Chilean olive oil used does make a difference. Late harvest, extra virgin olive oil from Chile gives pastries and cakes a lighter texture and allows the subtle flavors of the other ingredients to come out. Higher intensity oils may impact the flavor and affect the final result – so stick with extra virgin.

Olive Oil and Cocoa Brownies

Brownies made with extra virgin olive oil are thick and rich with a hint of the savory flavor of olive oil, a more sophisticated taste.


Zucchini Coffee Cake

Coffee cake made with extra virgin olive oil is not only tasty, it contains less saturated fat than the traditional version made with butter or vegetable oil.


Myrtle Berry Cake

Traditional desserts from Chile like this Myrtle Berry and Olive Oil Cake call for extra virgin olive oil as a key ingredient.

This weekend, food bloggers across the country will come together to support Share our Strength’s annual Great American Bakesale. Take a close look…some of the delicacies you purchase may have an extra special touch: Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Check out this list of nationwide blogger bake sale locations.

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Lemon Cake with Chilean EVOO

Double Fudge Chilean Olive Oil Brownies

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Posted on Apr 27th

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The National Association of Manufacturers of Olives and Olive Oil (ChileOliva) is the Chilean organization that brings together more than 70% of SME companies directly involved in the production of extra virgin olive oil, supplying and manufacturing raw materials, bottling and reselling of this product. In terms of production, ChileOliva partners manage more than 60% of the country's land planted with olive trees for olive oil production and more than 90% of exports to foreign markets.

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